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History of Maiasmokk goes back to the year 2001.

From the very beginning our aim has been to offer something special, products with nature what You cannot find elsewhere. We have got our inspiration from Estonian nature, where forests and bogs cover over half of our territory, where wild nature lies around us. Our nature gives a lot of products ideal for confectionery; we have chosen the berries and built our product portfolio on the large variety of different berries our nature provides. 

The key words we see the development of our portfolio is the pleasure from the taste where the trends towards healthier products and lower sugar come in. The assignment of our product development team is due to those key words most challenging – the delight from our fine chocolate must remain.

Over 15 years of experience at our home market has given us confidence to offer our unique product portfolio to the world.  In 2017 we started export sales and today our products are present in several European countries as well as in Japan, China and Bahrain. We keep going on.